Gala offers you a new games balance boost

Money is not everything but in the highly competitive industry of online casinos, it is the accepted currency that keeps the world moving. Gala Casino offerslogo gala cash prizes to most of those who participate in his promotions, but also branded merchandise and free spins.

This December, they ran some of the best campaigns in 2015 and a brand-new one is about to start. It will last for just three days and you will have until January 1 to be a part of it, so make sure you jump on the bandwagon on December 28.

This promotion works in a slightly different manner compared to previous campaigns, in the sense that players receive 10% whether they win or lose. If you are successful playing your game of choice, you will have your profits matched by 10%, but if you’re out of luck, then you will be reimbursed by 10%. It’s a win-win situation that is going to make the winter holidays much better to all of those who share a passion for online gambling and have an account here.

casino apercu gala

What differs is the maximum amount that one can collect as a part of the bankroll booster and it depends entirely on the VIP level. You will collect €50 if you are a bronze member, €100 if you have attained silver membership or €200 if you are in the elite group of gold players. Platinum members can claim up to €300 and if you are one of those who were recently accepted in the Club Rouge, your profits will be enhanced by up to €500 and this is also the maximum you can get back if you lose.

There are plenty of games that qualify for this offer, so you won’t be restricted to a couple of slot machines or video poker titles that you don’t enjoy. Celebrate Christmas and the New Year with Gala!

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