Dansk777 players amass a small fortune in early December

December is always a great month for offering and receiving gifts, but you need to have the necessary resources to meet your expectations. Online casino games shouldn’t be dismissed as a pastime, but can also be considered a source of revenue if you’re lucky and dedicated.

This is exactly the message that Dansk777 tries to convey when it shares the good news about many of its players winning, with three members claiming a particularly large amount.

The recent press release talks about the success of these players who shot for the stars and ended up winning much more than they were expecting. One player from Michigan took the lion’s share, when he claimed $262,000 playing the popular Super Diamond Mine. This is a captivating video slot that also looks great on mobile devices and this is exactly how he chose to play it when he struck it rich.

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Another American, this time a player from Nebraska land in the Royal flush and for his performance he received a six digit amount as well. It is not customary for video poker to pay so much money, but then again you don’t make a royal flush with all the hands either. Last but definitely not least, lucky player from Texas came painfully close of hitting the $90,000 barrier, but he still won a huge amount playing his favorite three card poker.

When reading about these three players winning so much money, it is impossible not to realize that the prizes were collected at different types of games. Slot machines remain the best paying ones, particularly those that have progressive jackpots and they are also very easy to play. On the other hand, when you choose video poker, you also invite a bit of strategy into your life and the same goes for table games.


Some players proved to be even luckier and they won’t a lot of money not once but in several steps, as they return to the tables. Take the example of Eric from Nebraska, who won more than $100,000 after winning at both slot machines and table games. The biggest paycheck of his career came when he was spinning the reels of Dino Island and he triggered the Dino Egg Bonus Feature. There are more than 300 games out there, so regardless of your preference, you could be the next winner.


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