The Poker hand ranking

Quite often luck determines the outcome of poker games and even the best players can have a bad day and lose money. Nevertheless, knowing the ropes and having a thorough understanding of the rules and advanced gameplay concepts, can improve your chances at the tables. It all begins with understanding the strength of poker hands and the good news is that despite the fact that there are several variants of poker, the strength of hands is largely the same.

Basic poker terms

poker-handA poker hand consists of five cards and there are several combinations possible, with each of them having its own place in the food chain. Players can use the cards dealt to them by the dealer and also some or all community cards, depending on the type of poker they are playing. The purpose is always the same, as players try to make the best possible hand, or at least one that is stronger than their opponent’s.

It all begins with the starting hands, which help players make an educated guess about their chances to win the pot. By making the correct analysis in regard with their position relative to other players and their table image, they can wager the right amounts to intimidate opponents or lure them into a trap. Beginners are recommended to stick to pocket pairs, which consists of cards of the same value, or high suited connectors, such as the Ace-King and Ace-Queen.

Hierarchy of poker hands

In poker, the Ace is the highest card followed by face cards such as the King, the Queen and the Jack but it can also be used as 1 while deuces are the weakest cards. The next thing that players need to learn is the ranking of different combinations of poker cards, with the strongest one being the Royal flush. It consists of five cards that share the same suit and are also consecutive, ending in an ace, with the next in line being the straight flush which can consist of any five suited and connected cards.

Four of a kind is made of four cards of the same value, followed by the full house which consists of three cards of one rank and two more often different brand. A flush is made of five cards sharing the same suit, while five consecutive cards will result in a straight and both of them are stronger than three of a kind. Two pairs come next, followed by one pair, while the weekest possible hand consists of two different cards and the highest card is the one that plays.

See all combinations of poker cards :

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